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lake norfork fishing report

Hummingbird Hideaway Resort’s fishing report blog written by owner Lou. Lou is on Norfork Lake regularly fishing for all species. Feel free to call with all of your fishing questions My Norfork Lake fishing report is a combination of current fishing action experienced by Harvey Hall from Hard Times Crappie Guide Service, myself, and Darrel Binkley from Bink's Guide Service. Harvey is a very knowledgeable crappie guide on Norfork Lake. Darrell Binkley does not guide for crappie, but he does catch several big ones. Norfork Lake Resort featuring lake front cabins, RV camping, fishing, and lake vacation rentals on Lake Norfork. Hand Cove Resort on Norfork Lake is your natural choice for the better family vacation in the Arkansas Ozarks Mountains.

Lake Norfork Lake Fishing Report Reports and Conditions By Local Anglers

The lake level is They have been generating continuously for several days. The surface temperature is about 87 degrees and the thermocline is at about feet and the visibility is about feet on a sunny day. There is still a top water bite for mostly lake norfork fishing report early and then they move to the old shoreline about ft.

The stripers and hybrids are in their normal places for this time of year but are not as deep as usual, lake norfork fishing report. They are now about feet near the bottom and the best lure is a jigging spoon. I use a 1-ounce Bink's Many Shad, lake norfork fishing report.

Big Bluegill are biting well on worms and crickets under docks and around sunken willows. Catfish are moving again part way back in the creeks and are biting live perch on jugs drop shotted with hooks set at different levels. I am finding a few walleye on main lake banks right at the thermocline. Not very many but the ones that I am getting are good ones in the lb. Crappie are scarce and most of them are on shad on the main lake but a few are under docks especially after dark under lights.

The lake in general is in good condition but there are still a few logs floating on the main lake. The creeks are most free from them. The people fishing the night tournaments are doing well for bass on salt craws. Come on down to Blackburns. We will not charge you too much.

The lake is pretty clear and you can see about feet at the thermocline at feet. Many fish are around that level in the buckbrush including walleye, lake norfork fishing report, bass, crappie, bluegill. Stripers have moved out deeper and are near the bottom in about feet. There are many baitfish in the brush with bass fry about 1-inch long being very numerous and the spawned shad are also growing.

Spoons are the best for the deeper water and shakey head plastic worms for the rest, lake norfork fishing report. There is still a topwater bite most mornings early for both bass and red meat fish.

Some crappie, blugill and walleye are under docks but most of the dock walleye are small, lake norfork fishing report. Fishing is pretty good but you have to get out there early. The surface temperature is about Fishing overall is fair and the lake condition is good.

The new news is that the early morning top-water bite for bass, hybrids, white bass and smaller stripers is going on in earnest now and should improve as we approach the full moon in May which is the 19th.

Check out Panther Creek. Many fish are spawning with most of the larger crappie and bass spawned out and some smaller ones still staging and some guarding beds. Bass spawn continues throught most of the summer here. The big ones always spawn first and then either move to open water on shad or cover to feed on spawn. They will go to cover in the ft.

Creature baits are good for bass and clear spooks on sunny days and bone colored on cloudy days are working for red meat fish and spitin image for bass on top water. They also work when the fish do not surface and you can lure them up from ft.

This is an exciting time to fish Norfork and Blackburns resort will not charge you too much. Things are changing now so stay tuned to Scuba Steve's Blog. The lake level is stable at The Two best bites now are the night bite for stripers, bass on grubs, small worms and grubs.

Crappie fishing is slow with a few males starting to move into the creeks shallow. Cold fronts are coming through every week slowing the fishing and then it picks up again as the high pressure hangs around for a while. When the night time lows stay in the high 50's and 60's and the surface temperature hits 60 degrees things will really break loose. Smallmouth bass have just started showing up and that is lake norfork fishing report good sign. I am going to put in a trot line for catfish today.

It is time. Blackburns resort and Boat Rental has the best price on both cabins and boat rentals and have made many improvements everywhere. You will like it when you get here and we continue to not charge you for your 1st boat stall. They need to start dropping the lake for the winter. Surface temperature is 57 degrees and the lake is pretty clear and you can see your lure down about seven feet on the main lake.

The creeks vary from clear to stained almost daily. Open water fishing has been good the last few days with white bass, hybrids and bass moving into the creeks in about feet of water early. It has been foggy most days with the water being warmer than the air except when the cold fronts move through and that is weekly. Some very nice fish are being caught everyday. Blackburns has been very busy this fall with people taking advantage of the best prices on both boats and cabins and getting their first boat stall free.

Trolling motors are also free on fishing pontoons. All cabins have covered porches and none are duplexes. Spoons, minnows and grubs are the best for crappie with spoons, drop-shot and finesses worms for bass. Spoons are also best for open water fish. Some bass are on the bank in the evening on steep river channel banks. Fishing overall is pretty good with the lake in excellent condition. It is raining now. The surface temperature is about 72 degrees on the main lake and cooler in the shallower creeks.

You can see your lure down about feet on the main lake. The new news is that the lake is starting to turn over and the crappie and bass are moving to the brush piles. There are still a few walleye and stripers very deep but they are moving north out of the deep water.

We will see if there is a night bite lake norfork fishing report stripers in November. This does not always happen but depends on the shad an plankton. If they move or are blown to the bank in the evening there will be. The crappie bite is the best now with the bass next. The fish are not in any special pattern and everything is changing as it always does in October.

There are lots of shad and not all of them hold fish. It should be " when you find schools of shad learn how to tell if there are fish on them" if you do not, you will waste a lot of time fishing dry holes. Look for shad with broken schools and not just blobs. Also look for lines and slashing fish. Many times the stripers are under the shad but not always.

It just takes time and a good locator. It is also hard to stay on lake norfork fishing report after you catch one. I like to spoon them but others like to drag live bait with several poles out.

Lake norfork fishing report you do this long enough you will catch some. You can stay on them easier vertical jigging a spoon. Bluegill fishing with jigs and nightcrawlers is also good. All species are together. Brush piles in feet inside main lake points are all lake norfork fishing report fish. Mostly bass, crappie and bluegill. Go to www, lake norfork fishing report. A lot has changed in the lst few days. First lake norfork fishing report lake is dropping rapidly and is at Surface temperature is 86 degrees, lake norfork fishing report.

There is a thermocline at feet with a mud line area of very cloudy water just above with cold water below. There are a lot of Bass, bluegill and walleye in this area from feet. Lake norfork fishing report undersized bass but some very nice walleye and also many bluegill. The creeks are not very clear with a visibility of about 7-feet down but the main lake is pretty clear down to the mud line and then pretty good again in the cold water below the thermocline.

Some stripers have gone deeper in feet lake norfork fishing report can be caught on the spoon. Crappie are under docks in the shade but are pretty slow biting.

The ones I am catching are recently spawned out and still bloody and roughed up. Big ones. Walleye and bass are the best bite now with spoons lake norfork fishing report the walleye and soft plastics for the bass. Bluegill have spawned and have moved to cover. All of this typically happens now with no specific pattern but they will move deeper with the lake norfork fishing report and stay on cover or near it with the bait fish, lake norfork fishing report.


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lake norfork fishing report


Hummingbird Hideaway Resort’s fishing report blog written by owner Lou. Lou is on Norfork Lake regularly fishing for all species. Feel free to call with all of your fishing questions April 5, Norfork Lake Fishing Report By Scuba Steve From Blackburns Resort and Boat Rental For Norfork Lake Arkansas In the Ozark Mountain region (comments click) We received a little over an inch of rain last night and it is misting a bit now. The water level is at and is at a good level. Fishing report by Steve "Scuba" Street at Blackburn's Resort & Boat Rental. Years of experience fishing and diving the clear waters of Norfork Lake qualifies Steve as a our local fishing expert.