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The man behind the latest YouTube sensation has spoken out for the inspirational news articles time about his global cuddling controversy. Serial hugger Juan Mann describes the free hugs he hands out His cuddling campaign received an international dose of publicity today, after a clip showing his public displays of affection won a coveted front page spot on the video sharing website.

An American television audience of millions also watched him at work, when the video was broadcast on the prime-time breakfast program Good Morning America yesterday. Today, the hugger was at it again, brandishing his "free hugs" sign in the busy pedestrian thoroughfare, and having quite a few people take him up on his offer.

Demands for a halt to the hugs petered out shortly after, and the end of the clip shows Mann hugging an official, inspirational news articles. City worker Elly Mitchell, who handed out a few free hugs on her lunch break today, said she was inspired to organise [an] event after seeing the video online, inspirational news articles.

Note: If you haven't seen this powerfully inspiring four-minute video clip, join the many millions who have by watching it on this webpage. The inspirational news articles hugs movement spread rapidly around the world! See this fun video and this inspiring one for great examples, inspirational news articles. Then check out several other short, deeply inspiring videos. In this small barbershop in Ypsilanti, Michigan, kids pick out a book and head to the chair. Fuller and his wife started ordering some books and Griffin brought in a shelf.

Customers even joined the cause by donating old and used books. Before the pair knew it, inspirational news articles, kids were grabbing books off the shelf and hopping into the chair to start reading. Not only does it improve their reading skills, but their manners as well. Note: Explore a treasure trove of concise summaries of incredibly inspiring news articles which will inspire you to make a difference. Wadded-up tissues littered Rishel Middle School's gym floor as tough teenagers sobbed, hugged their peers and told gut-wrenching stories about their lives during an all-day session intended to break down barriers.

One year-old said he was abandoned by his parents and that he lies awake at night scared by sounds of gunshots outside his window. A year-old girl talked about attempting suicide and urged anyone with similar thoughts to reach out for help.

And a teacher tearfully warned students about their actions by revealing he was a bully when he was younger — until the person he tormented tried to kill himself. The confessions were shared Challenge Day promotes self respect and acceptance, and inspires students to become positive leaders.

The program, inspirational news articles was featured on "The Oprah Winfrey Show. Students wept as their troubles tumbled out - from worries about their parents, medical problems within the family, troubles with gangs, and battles with alcohol and drugs.

Students later apologized to others who they had put down or teased over the years. I never saw that sensitive side until now. Note: For one of the most inspiring video clips ever, watch an incredibly moving minute clip from an Emmy-award winning documentary on Challenge day. Learn more about this amazing program on the Challenge Day website.

Students who are misbehaving are usually taken out of class and sent to the principal, who punishes the child by revoking privileges, calling home or sometimes suspending them, inspirational news articles.

But students in some Baltimore schools are sent somewhere different when they are acting out: a designated meditation room where they can calm down and decompress. The Mindful Moment room is equipped with bean bags and dim lighting, inspirational news articles, and students go through calming exercises with trained staff. At Robert W. The student is led through breathing exercises and is encouraged to discuss the emotions that led to an outburst.

They work with the adult to come up with a plan to use mindfulness in a similar situation in the futureto prevent an outburst. After about 20 minutes in the inspirational news articles, they rejoin classmates. Students can also participate in yoga classes. It has drastically reduced suspensions, with zero reported in the school year.

The program has also been implemented with older students, including those at Patterson High School, [which] has also seen a decrease in suspensions both in the hallways and in class.

Note: For more, see this photo essay and these testimonials. Finland has a history of producing the highest global test scores in the Western world, as well as a trophy inspirational news articles full of other recent No. In Finland, children don't receive formal academic training until the age of 7. Until then, many are in day care and learn through play, inspirational news articles, songs, games and conversation.

Inspirational news articles children walk or bike to school, even the youngest. School hours are short and homework is generally light. Unlike in the United States, where many schools are slashing recess, schoolchildren in Finland have a mandatory minute outdoor free-play break every hour of every day. Fresh air, nature and regular physical activity breaks are considered engines of learning. One evening, I asked my son what he did for gym that day.

In Finland teachers are the most trusted and admired professionals next to doctors. But what if the opposite is true? What if high-poverty students are the children most urgently in need of the benefits that, inspirational news articles, for example, American parents of means obtain for their children in private schools, things that Finland delivers on a national public scale.

Note: For more, read this informative article. He has restored eyesight to more thanpeopleperhaps inspirational news articles than any doctor in history. His patients A day after he operates to remove cataracts, he pulls off the bandages - and, inspirational news articles, lo!

They can see clearly. At first tentatively, then jubilantly, they gaze about. A few hours later, they walk home, radiating an ineffable bliss. Sanduk Ruita Nepali ophthalmologist In the United States, cataract surgery is typically performed with complex machines. But these are unaffordable in poor countries, so Dr. Ruit [pioneered a] small-incision microsurgery to remove cataracts without sutures. At first, skeptics denounced or mocked his innovations, inspirational news articles.

But then the American Journal of Ophthalmology published a study of a randomized trial finding that Dr. One difference was that Dr. He founded the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmologywhich Note: Your direct donation to help this man can cure blindness for many people.

Explore a treasure trove of concise summaries of incredibly inspiring news inspirational news articles which will inspire you to make a difference. Meet Sam Tsemberis. He's all but solved chronic homelessness. His research, which commands the support of most scholars, has inspired policies across the nation. The results have been staggering. Late last month, Utah, the latest laboratory for Tsemberis's models, reported it has nearly eradicated chronic homelessness.

Phoenix, an earlier test case, eliminated chronic homelessness among veterans. Then New Orleans housed every homeless veteran. Homelessness has long seemed one of the most intractable of social problems. For decades, the number of homeless from New York City to San Francisco surged — and so did the costs.

Give homes for the homeless, and you will solve chronic homelessness. Success begat success. The federal government tested the model on homeless across 11 cities, finding the model dramatically reduced levels of addiction as well as shrank health related costs by half. Traditionally, you wouldn't gift someone a rat, inspirational news articles. Tanzania-based NGO Apopohowever, thinks rats make excellent gifts.

So much so that they've launched an adopt-a-rat programwhich allows participants to sponsor the animal, inspirational news articles. Despite the creatures' reputation for thieving and spreading disease, [Apopo's founder Bart] Weetjens has proven that rats can Apopo's rats have actually saved thousands.

They are highly trained to sniff out land mines and detect tuberculosis - two scourges that have had a inspirational news articles negative impact across the African continent. And his rats are fast. A single rat can clear square feet in an hour done manually, the same area would take 50 hours to clear. A TB-detection rat can evaluate 50 samples in eight minutes almost a inspirational news articles work for a lab technician.

InWeetjens started testing his "hero rats," as he dubs them, on the mine fields in Mozambique, inspirational news articles, a country that at that time was one of the worst affected by landmines, thanks mainly to a civil war that ended in Since then, Apopo has cleared the country of 6, landmines, 29, small arms and ammunition, and 1, bombs.

Mozambique is on track to be free of landmines by the year's end. It's a problem Weetjens realized he could address with his sniffer rats. So far, they've analyzed oversamples from health clinics in Dar es Salaam. They are cheap to train, cheaper to procure, and plentiful, inspirational news articles.

In the s, leading consultants were skeptical about cellular phones.


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Inspirational news articles: Concise excerpts from highly inspirational news articles reported in the major media. Links to full articles provided. As of Sep 8, we're $11, in the red for the year. Please donate here to support this vital work. Positive & Inspiring News from Around the World. Easter Island Mystery May Be Solved Source: AOL. British scientists believe they have solved an ancient mystery surrounding the giant stone statues of Easter Island. More than 1, of the statues, known as moai, have been found on the remote Pacific island, located about 2, miles west of. Nine-year-old Shay Dunster is inspiring a rugby club after defying bullies who said he could not play. Frances Mao BBC News, Sydney Jeni Haynes built multiple personalities to survive abuse.